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How we helped a local school reengage with itself, its students and its local community

01 AUG 2018

Whilst school might be out for summer, this August we share more details on the campaign we created for Priory Park Infant School in St Neots. Read on to find out how we helped them articulate their ethos and increase their impact to their key stakeholders. 



With recent Ofsted success and many of its children living locally, the Priory Park Infant School and Playgroup is a significant part of the St Neots community – and it has been for over 60 years. 

Established in 1952, the school is often described by its families as ‘one of St Neots best kept secrets’. The school’s leadership team wanted to demonstrate its central role and be more confident and proactive in its communication to students, parents, teachers and the wider community – but didn’t know how.

With no marketing background or expertise in house, the desire to communicate differently was a challenge for the school. As part of our own community impact here at Keystone, we choose a worthwhile cause each year to work with pro-bono – and we were delighted to use our expertise to help this local community school.  

From a number of conversations with the team and dedicated brainstorming activity, Keystone developed ‘The Heart of Priory’ – a unique campaign name, brand and activity plan to help the school better present and articulate its approach and commitment. 

‘The Heart of Priory’ defines the school’s dedication to its students, staff team, parents and carers; as well as acting as a platform to engage with wider community groups. The new communications approach was launched during the recent summer term, with plans to start full roll out when the school returns for a new year in September. 

From a family’s first introduction to the school before joining in reception, through to the student’s end of Infants journey at Year 2, ‘The Heart of Priory’ message and activity will now be a big part of it.  
Before the end of the 2018 summer term, the school’s 252 pupils told us what they loved about Priory by writing or drawing on their own little hearts; then displayed in the school hall for all to see.  Further contributions also came from the summer fair in June and this interactive activity is likely to be encompassed in the next academic year too.

The campaign’s heart shaped logo is now appearing on all school communications as a continual reminder of the campaign approach, with an editorial calendar produced to ensure key messages are shared across all school communications on a monthly basis.

Speaking about the campaign, Angie Smith, School Head said: “At Priory Park Infant School and Playgroup, every child matters and each of our students and staff is valued for the unique contribution he or she makes to our school and community. ‘The Heart of Priory’ campaign has given the children the opportunity to tell us what they love about Priory and given them more confidence to express their thoughts. We look forward to continuing the campaign when we return to school in September.”

We loved working with the leadership team at Priory Park Infant School – to see the beginnings of an idea evolve into an all-encompassing campaign with real impact. And brilliantly, they enjoyed our injection of creativity to the project too – with School Head Angie Smith feeding back to us that: “We as a school have learnt so much from you and we truly appreciate your kindness, commitment and support in making this campaign such a success. We are extremely grateful to you all. Thank you!”

Helping organisations understand how to best communicate their aims, objectives and approaches to the stakeholders that are important to them is a key focus of our work at Keystone. Let’s talk about your all-important audiences and look at how we can work together to strengthen your relationships and level of engagement.

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