Keystone’s Hayley featured in European business support programme line up

On Tuesday 28th July, a live webinar sought to support solo businesses that hoped to grow post Covid19, despite the challenges that the new landscape may bring – and Keystone was part of it.

The EU Erasmus+ Ambition to Employ project brought together a number of experts to share their own stories for growth, as well as sessions that talked through the Ambition To Employ resources that are now available.

Keystone founder Hayley was interviewed by Orla Casey from Momentum (an Ambition To Employ partner) as part of the webinar, sharing the Keystone story to growth, and offering insights for those also looking to undertake the same business growth journey.

The full recording is now available to watch back on YouTube – and if you’d like to hear Hayley’s interview specifically, you’ll find it at 1 hour 18 minutes in. The webinar is designed for solo entrepreneurs, business support agencies and those interested in economic growth, especially in the context of COVID-19.

Contributions also included:

  • Susan HayesCulleton, Strategist, author, presenter and co-founder of The Positive Economist, shared ‘The seven secret questions that every new employer secretly asks themselves
  • Laura Campbell from the Centre for Entrepreneurs (the UK’s leading entrepreneurship foundation) who shared new entrepreneurial insights from its research work, and also introduced its NEF Fast Track programme
  • Peter Ibbetson from JournoLink (the interactive PR platform designed for small businesses) highlighting how microbusinesses can gain access to the skills they need to grow in a rapidly changing technological world – as well as how to maintain the confidence, flexibility & energy to pivot

The importance of being able to adapt, how to deal with uncertainty and the valuable role of business support were all key themes throughout

A number of Ambition To Employ project resources are now available to support those solo businesses looking to grow; as well as those in business support or economic development roles, to pass on to businesses that they are working with.

SELF ASSESSMENT TOOL – Enabling businesses to quickly assess their readiness to hire a first employee – and helping to identify any areas to improve knowledge and skills to capably and confidently welcome new staff member to the business.

CURRICULUM AND OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES – Resources aimed directly at entrepreneurship training providers, private consultants or as part of business courses in colleges and universities. They are designed for use in classroom learning sessions or for small group or one-on-one coaching, but as open resources, they can be adapted to individual circumstances

ONLINE COURSE – The Ambition to Employ course has a clear goal: to enable self-employed individuals to hire their first employee. The course covers the practical, legal and financial aspects of employment and sustainable business growth, but also apply new insights to help overcome the psychological barriers and risks involved.

Ambition to Employ is an EU Erasmus+ project bringing together project partners and experts from the United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Denmark and Ireland. The project has developed a new training model to enable self-employed owner-operators to hire their first employee with knowledge, ability and confidence. The Ambition to Employ programme team has also published a related eBook, available to download here.