Case Study

Building a bespoke marketing campaign to raise awareness and lobby government stakeholders

Cambridgeshire ACRE (Cambs ACRE) – one of the country’s first rural County Councils – approached Keystone because they wanted showcase the delivery success in one of their EU funded rural programmes – the Fenland LEADER programme. Rightly proud of their work, Cambs ACRE had recognised that similar EU funding was no longer guaranteed, and there was a need to reiterate the success of the programme, using case studies and statistics for lobbying purposes.

During a brainstorming session with the senior management team, we immersed ourselves in the details of the programme, pinpointing exactly how the LEADER approach had influenced success. We started to draw out some of the key communication messages, and considered which audience each message was for. All of this intelligence and insight was then developed into a Keystone created campaign, set for delivery over the course of a month.

As Cambs ACRE had access to an internal marketing resource, the Keystone team packaged up a toolkit of ready-to-go marketing materials for distribution in line with our campaign schedule.

Cambs ACRE Fens LEADER Campaign

“The Keystone Marketing Team worked with us to develop a social media campaign to raise the profile of the successes of an EU funding programme we had been running. They supported us to scope out our requirements, understand our key audiences and consider the overall impact we wished to achieve.


I was very impressed at how quickly Keystone got to grips with a complex project, helping us devise key marketing messages and content for social media posts. The level of engagement on-line has been far greater than we ever expected and through this work, we have achieved our desired outcome of creating local and national awareness to our programme’s successes.


We would not have been able to achieve this impact without Keystone’s professional support, knowledge and expertise.”
Kirsten Bennett, Chief Executive, Cambridgeshire ACRE

The Keystone impact

  • Facilitation of our bespoke strategy-creation workshop
  • Developed a toolkit of campaign resources including an infographic, social media messaging and graphics, a press release, and content for lobbying emails and letters
  • Supported Cambs ACRE’s internal marketing support during delivery of the campaign month
  • Detailed phone interviews with end clients who had been supported by the Fens Rural LEADER programme
  • Using the campaign as a springboard, backed up with the clear and strong message about the impact they had made, Cambs ACRE were able to cultivate conversations with DEFRA – a key national stakeholder

We won’t just write content for a new leaflet or prepare you some social media messages. We take the time to understand exactly what you want to say, so we can build the right message for all of your different audiences. We know this is the only way to create successful marketing materials.