Case Study

Unlocking success with a back to basics content strategy, built on direct customer insight

ICONI Software is a successful and growing organisation, based in Belfast, offering programme delivery and case management software. The highly configurable programme delivery platform helps organisations delivering beneficiary support programmes to achieve optimal outcomes, ensure compliance and accelerate performance.

With a long standing customer base and a continually developing product, the ICONI team is busy. With limited, time, its approach to marketing had been ad hoc in the past, and as such, success was limited. ICONI had a desire to grow awareness of their platform within a particular sector, and were looking for support to develop a marketing campaign.

And that’s where we stepped in; kicking off activity with a bespoke brainstorming workshop as part of our approach to deliver strategy first, tactics second. We felt strongly that ICONI would benefit from gaining detailed insight and feedback from their existing customers too. Telephone interviews were organised, key questions drafted and one to one chats were held by Keystone on ICONI’s behalf.

With the beginnings of a strategy uncovered in the workshop, and hugely valuable insights from ICONI’s loyal and happy customer base, we could now see exactly how to make a marketing impact with a Keystone led engagement campaign. Clear marketing direction and a campaign based approach that immediately showed results–proving just how important it is to start with the strategy.

For the first time, ICONI had a clear, measurable and targeted content strategy, and day to day marketing support in a number of key areas including social media, blog and PR content creation. Keystone also act as a key point of liaison for ICONI’s sponsorship relationships; to ensure that ICONI’s messaging is shared across wider partnerships too.

The team at Keystone Marketing have provided fantastic ongoing support and really focused to understand our target markets. They not only help us with campaigns and activities, but also helped us create a detailed marketing strategy, which is already delivering tangible results.
Liam Jordan, ICONI CEO

The Keystone impact

  • Facilitation of our bespoke strategy-creation workshop
  • Detailed phone interviews with existing ICONI customers
  • Reporting back on customer feedback, highlighting areas of strength and opportunities
  • Development of a content strategy
  • Reigniting and growing relationships with sponsorship partners
  • Achieved significant uplift in impressions and engagement on ICONI’s social media channels
  • Delivered new leads into the business

ICONI is just one of the many clients that we have helped gained success by gaining new and fresh clarity on their marketing strategy.