Taking inspiration from the campaigns we see around us

We’ll all know about them. Theme weeks and campaign months at key points in the year; designed to raise awareness of a key message or cause.

Each campaign usually focuses on one central message or call to action, and is driven by an array of marketing tools and platforms to raise awareness of a cause and draw interest and engagement. Such curated activity is most often an example of marketing excellence in action – and so as a team of marketers, we’re always fascinated to absorb every morsel.

Sometimes we engage with national campaign events and theme weeks on behalf of our clients too.  When the fit is right, it’s a chance for us to place our clients at the centre of wider activity, and position their business or their message in a place where key audiences are likely to see and engage.

And sometimes, these initiatives mean something to us more widely too. Our Founder Hayley shares two initiatives that are particularly close to her heart in her latest Hunts Post newspaper column, now published online.