Wisbech community initiative to benefit from Keystone insight. All set to build greater stakeholder engagement and programme impact

Keystone has been asked to help redefine a new community engagement strategy for I Love Wisbech; the emerging cross partnership programme designed to deliver positive change for the Cambridgeshire town and the people who live there.

Initially devised as a one-off campaign in 2019, I ♥ Wisbech was developed as a collaboration between the county, district and town councils, local charities and town residents; with the aim of starting a conversation about the future of the town. It was a chance to share ideas, concerns and aspirations about Wisbech, identify common interests and provide a catalyst for positive change.

At that time, campaign activity focussed on asking residents three key questions about the town, with a proportion of respondents also participating in focus groups. After detailed discussion and reporting, it became evident that there was a clear need for future community support. It was at this point that a number of individuals from local councils and charities started exploring options to formally set up a new organisation to drive the project forwards.

Whilst work had been paused due to Covid 19, the town council and its large group of community programme partners and stakeholders are focused on reigniting the project activity later this year – using future recommendations set out by Keystone to build a clear communications framework for the community vehicle.

Keystone will facilitate virtual workshops with Wisbech stakeholders during the month of March; attended by County, District and Town Council representatives as well as those highly engaged local charities committed to developing the cross partnership programme. Keystone’s consultancy will then work from its workshop observations and recommendations to help programme leaders set out a firm roadmap. Advice is likely to focus on the best approach for an I Love Wisbech relaunch, establish guidelines for future communications and outline a best practice framework for future engagement.

Funding for Keystone’s involvement comes from Support Cambridgeshire; a three-year project funded by Cambridgeshire County Council that brings partner organisations together who work to support community groups and organisations across the County.